Established in Lebanon since 1977 as an individual institution, the history of Karam Group goes back in time to four decades.

The company was first focused on contracting and became, over the years, a reference and a commanding presence in the MENA region, as it expanded its activities to Syria, Libya, Egypt and Saudi Arabia where it has executed various projects with high-end finishing in accordance with international standards, either exclusively or in partnership with reputable international companies.

Throughout the passing years, and within the scope of its expansion strategy, Karam Group strengthened its presence to establish itself as one of the leading real estate developers in Lebanon. The credibility it has earned is mainly due to our extreme sense of commitment and the high value we bank on our relationship with clients.

Karam Group has always been very keen in acting as partner to build long term relationship with its clients and it delivers as promised, respecting both quality and time frames. Our cutting edge is our selective process of talent acquisition; our team of highly qualified architects, engineers, consultants, promoters and back office executives plays an instrumental role in ensuring quality benchmarks and delivering excellence and booking repeat appointments.

We, at Karam Group, have invested and will continue to invest in what it takes to enhance our service and performance from personnel, to facilities and technologies in order to sustain constant growth of our position in the industry.