Throughout the last four decades since its founding, Karam Group S.A.L. has gone from bottom up,  incessantly evolved, always pushing boundaries and raising standards to earn its renown among the regional leaders in its field.

We have built up to our present accomplishments due to our ability to quickly adapt to changes and market needs and to contend with unexpected hindrances, especially under the highly volatile external circumstances.

Our clients have come to rely on the unwavering level of quality and innovation of our services; such a confidence has always contributed in increasing our own exigency to exceed expectations in the speed and efficiency of fulfilling our contractual obligations.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to all professional team of professional engineers, architects and skillful back office employees, whose strength and dedication as a team has brought us to where we are. Their leadership and acumen in applying new technology, in both management and operations, and determination to overcome tough challenges is the major driving force behind the company’s success. It has dramatically contributed to the overall standard of quality we pride ourselves on upholding.

My thanks also extend to our much valued clients, whose trust and confidence have availed us the various adventures and challenges that sharpened our skills in countless groundbreaking projects on the field.
Stable growth is built on high ethics, integrity, trust, undivided attention and timely delivery of projects to the full satisfaction of clients.
This catalog proudly documents our many achievements as a team, the harvest of years of forward-looking innovation that has been its own reward.

Nassif Karam