With the emerging need of people for healthier environments and peaceful havens, rural development was naturally our next thrilling adventure.
In 2011, Al Amal for the Development of Lebanese Countryside S.A.L. was established to cater home seekers in rural areas, far from the stressful urban life.

One of its most exciting projects is Mikse Village, only 2 Km driving from the Arab Highway.
Located in Chtaura, the unique gateway of the Bekaa Valley, Mikse Village stands out in a unique low rise architectural frame of 48 residential units, landscaped into gardens and a private swimming pool.

For all the modern couples or expats longing for going back to roots and nature, Mikse village is the new address for a superior village-like living experience. On any given day, the Bekaa will offer you the unmatched pleasure to rediscover historic footsteps like the colossal temples of Baalbeck or the iconic ruins of Anjar, to get lost in a vineyard or to stroll around on horseback or even to go fishing on the shores of the many fresh water rivers.

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